Viewing & Securing the property

How do I arrange a viewing?

Call us or text us or email us or fill in the contact form on the arrange a viewing page, then we`ll get back to you either by phone or email.

Will my house have a valid Gas & Electrical Safety checks?

All of our properties have up to date gas safety certificates, and up valid electricity certificates.

How do I secure a property?

We simply require all your groups details (name, home address, phone numbers-mobile and home- and email addresses, plus next of kin) so we can draft the contract. Once we have the signed contract, completed rent guarantor form and deposit then the property is yours – note if we do not receive the rent guarantor forms back, we have the right to end the agreement.

Right to rent

We need to see your passport to see that you are a EU citizen, if not, we need to proof that you have the right to reside in the UK.

Can we see more than one property on a viewing?

Yes, just let us know that you would like to see more than one and we will try to arrange that. Sometimes at short notice this may not be possible (we give our current tenants at least 24 hours notice that there will be a viewing). Note due to Covid, we do some some restrictions regarding viewings

Can I ask people who live in the property questions?

Definitely, they will know the answers to the questions that you want to ask, like is it noisy? Are the neighbors ok? etc. They will have been in your situation and were once looking for a place to live.


How much is the deposit?

The deposit ranges from £200-£350 depending on the property, please ask us when enquiring about the property.

How can the deposit be paid?

You pay the deposit online via debit or credit card via Yorlet.com

Is the deposit protected?

Yes the deposit is protected either with Deposit Guard (TDS) or My Deposits which are Government Authorised tenancy deposit protection schemes for landlords.

How is the deposit refunded at the end of the tenancy?

The deposit is normally refunded to the head tenant via bank transfer, unless rent is outstanding and then the deposit will be refunded, once the outstanding rent has been paid.

Living in the house

If I have problem, how do I report it?

If you have a urgent problem, phone our 24 hour number, if your problem is non-urgent please call us within office hours, or text us or email us and we will arrange to come out and fix the problem for you as soon as possible.

If I have problem in a house, how do I report it?

We have a 24 hour mobile number thats there for you. If you have a problem – call us, or text us or email us at info @ yorkstudent net and we will arrange to come out and fix the problem for you as soon as possible.

Will my bedroom door lock?

Yes, the majority of our houses have bedroom doors that lock.

Can I have parties at the house?

With moderation, no audible music to be heard outside after 11pm, please bare in mind that neighbours will not want loud music playing all the time. Also, please note that if you cause any damage to the property then you and your group would be liable. Please always have consideration for your neighbours, as you would do in your own house.

Who puts the bins out at a property?

You will. There will be a notice on the noticeboard letting you know when bin day is.

Can I have pets in the house?

We only allow fish as pets. Sorry, we have had hamsters that have bitten through cables and caused alot of damage! So we can`t allow them any more.

Do I have to do the lawn mowing?

No, we have a gardener that keeps all our gardens looking neat and tidy.

What happens when I move into the house?

On your contract start date (as long as all of you have paid your rent) we will give you the keys to your house and the house is all yours.

How long is the tenancy?

Our tenancy’s generally run for 52 weeks. However there may be an occasion where a property is available for a shorter period.

How often will I pay the rent?

Every 13 weeks, this means that we split the year up into quarters and you pay when you receive your student loan. If you receive your funding every month, we will try to fit in line with this.

Will I receive a copy of the contract?

Yes we email a copy of the contract to every member of the group (which can then be forwarded to parents).

Fill out the form and we will be in contact shortly

Feel free to call us on 07808929557 and we will endeavour to help you find your student home in York